Tabletop Collections

We have a variety of vintage and modern items available for rent! Here at The Confetti Studio, we are continuously adding more to our collection. 

Download PDF: Master Inventory List

Candlesticks & Votives

Copper Bubble Votive
Gold Rimmed Glass Votives
Silver Tulip Candlestick
Silver Mercury Votives
Pink Diamond Votive
Brass Traditional Candlesticks
Brass Mid Century Modern Candlesticks
Silver Jeweled Glass Candle Votives
Brass Candle Votives
Antique Silver Candlesticks
Glass Candlesticks
Brass Heart Candlesticks

Plates & Chargers

Ivory Lace Ceramic Chargers
Jade Glazed Natural Salad Plates
Silver Antique Charger Plate
Hammered Copper Charger Plates
Ripley Dinnerware Collection
Juliette Dinnerware Collection
Paige Dinnerware Collection
Wooden Woven Charger Plate
Beaded Gold Charger Plates
Glazed Natural Dinner Plates

Flatware & Serving Tools

Gold Modern Flatware
Silver Lafayette Flatware
Silver Wallace Flatware
Copper Flatware
Silver Ornate Flatware
Gold Renaissance Flatware

Drinkware & Pitchers

Crystal Champagne Flutes
Crystal Champagne Coupes
Crystal Wine Glasses
Hobstar Water Goblet Collection
Double Old Fashioned Collection
Clear Wexford Goblet Collection
Mint Green Goblet Collection
Light Blue Goblet Collection
Avocado Green Goblet Collection
Aqua Goblet Collection
Emerald Green Goblet Collection
Deep Blue Goblet Collection
Purple Goblet Collection
Pink Swirl Collection
Pink Goblet Collection
Amber Yellow Goblet Collection
Brown Goblet Collection

Dessert Stands & Trays

Antique Lace Cake Stand
Antique Silver Serving Tray
Black Cake Pedestal
Black Lace Metal Dessert Stands
Black Spade Metal Cake Stand
Clear Cake Pedestal
Clear Scalloped Cake Pedestal
Emerald Green Wexford Cake Stand
Gold Chandelier Cake Stand
Grace Lace Dessert Stand Collection
Grace Lace Dessert Tray Collection
Light Blue Cake Pedestal
Light Blue Metal Cake Stand
Light Green Cake Pedestal
Light Purple Glass Cake Stand
Milk Glass Relish Dishes
Moon and Star Glass Cake Stand
Pearl White Cake Pedestal
Rectangular Mirrored Vanity Trays
Red Cake Pedestal
Ribbon Hole White Cake Stands
Round Silver Cake Stands
Short White Cake Stand
Silver Chandelier Cake Stand
Teal Diamond Patterned Cake Stand
Westmoreland Milk Glass Cake Stand
White Lace Metal Cake Stands
White Scroll Rectangle Serving Tray
White Square Cake Stand
White Wave Dessert Collection
White Waved Cake Stands
Wooden Heart Trays

Vases & Containers

Grecian Floor Trio Urns
Phoenix Copper Pot
Clear Cristopher Compotes
Athena Table Urn
Pink Veronica Collection
Copper Madison Compotes
Copper Terrariums
Iridescent Blue King's Crown Compote
Cranberry King's Crown Compote
Light Pink Madrid Glass Lidded Compote
Avocado Green Teardrop Compote
Clear Cut Glass Compote
White King's Crown Compote
Diamond Point Glass Compote
Light Purple Glass Compote
Aqua Medicine Bottles
Clear King's Crown Compote
Clear Teardrop Compote

Decorative  Items

Black Triangle Cut Metal Lanterns
Light Gray Jeweled Lanterns
Light Blue Jeweled Lanterns